FACT:  Integrate spiritual principles into daily activities and you get measurable successful results.   Hi, I’m JacQuaeline.  Change is another word for growth.  Want to grow?  I have developed an approach or system that always works with my clients and students.

Question:  Are you happy with your accomplishments or results so far this past year?    Are you focused, making progress, getting inspirational input, stimulation & positive support..  on a regular basis?

Or do you feel like you are climbing a mountain with too much to do or too many directions …. unfocused or going in circles,  not always knowing WHAT to do – or what to do FIRST?    Have you been enjoying a good balance between business life, personal relationships?

Creativity:   How about personal life…    Are you dating – (even if you are married? – dating your spouse that is!)   Do you have  romance that’s alive and healthy/steamy?   Do you realize every day, every moment is a result of your creative choices… … what you choose to wear is your art… what you eat.. or cook.    Creativity is not just writing, or drawing or painting, doing art, music, or  dance.  It’s all that and its more.  Its your choices, each and every one of them…your creating your life.

So, here’s a question for you…  Are you focused on financial freedom….?  Are you developing a business;  wanting to lose that 5, 50 or 100 pounds, raising children or care taking elders… ?

Whatever the project.. the desire, the goals.. the dreams…. are you actively celebrating life and successes each and every day?  Are you shifting or creating new better habits?  Do you realize that being happy can actually be a result of better habits in life as well of a daily sense of focused accomplishment and acknowledgement?

Do you have SUCCESS HABITS for

– Are you using your time well?

– Do you manage your money for financial freedom?

– Are you proactive with your health and fitness ?

– Are you celebrating relationships – personal and business?

– Do you acknowledge your creative integration?

Practice makes permanent, practice does not make perfect… unless you have a great coach.

If you think/feel that you might be missing some FOCUS or CLARITY, then STOP losing precious time.   Help is HERE.   Time is our most precious commodity.     Were your activities in 2022 helping you to move along your real spiritual/creative path – –  your life mission, vision and divine purpose?    I hope so…  and, yes or no, I invite you to consider working with me in 2023.

Here’s how to make THIS YEAR the most powerful year of your life so far!   Start with the COMMITMENT to ‘make it happen’.   Check out the December Special at the top right hand section of this page.  Click it now and you can come back to this after.

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NOW is the time to activate the Law of Attraction/abundance, Spiritual Principles of success and find the courage to make changes in your life.  JacQuaeline says, “Create a plan, set a course of action with a timeline.  And remember that meaningful success comes from within.  The roots create the fruits.”

A simple way to keep on track is to have a guide, a coach and an accountability partner.   Integrating spiritual growth with conscious action steps day by day, week by week guarantees movement toward greater personal and professional success.

At the beginning of each year we are taught to set intentions and create new years resolutions.  But statistics prove that it’s not that easy to follow through.   Not on your own.  Make this year count.

Here are some steps… (& if you need help with any of these, JacQuaeline can lead/guide you through each step!)

1.  Meditate with a specific question – what, when, why

2.  Set a goal, make a plan with a timeline.

3.  Take consistent action steps and make it happen. (daily/weekly/monthly)

Easy, right?  But have you done it?    Are you totally committed to your own growth and success?

If you are STUCK at any of the above stages? Then make it easy on yourself, ask JacQuaeline for help.   You’ll be amazed at how JacQuaeline can cut through issues FAST and help you bottom line your issues.   You get very clear so you CAN move forward with purpose and FOCUS!

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  • What is your deepest heart felt yearning/desire/passion?
  • What could bring more joy into your life?
  • What do you want?
  • What inspires you?
  • How can you live a life that has meaning?
  • Are you ready to break through to a new level of Success?
  • Would you like to work smarter, not harder?
  • Want to make more money doing what you love?

If you are not sure about any of these questions above, call JacQuaeline and let her help you.

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Additional benefits people have reported. . .(in addition to career success & spiritual growth)

  • Reduced STRESS, improve health and energy
  • Increase net worth/income.
  • Conceived of and started a successful new business
  • Created free time and enjoy it.  (Release guilty feelings.)

You CAN and WILL make progress starting your first week!   You CAN stay on track.  You WILL shift nonsupporting behaviors, habits and create new strategies, habits and behaviors that will get you the results you are looking for.

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