Today IS the first day of the rest of your life.    Take a few minutes to meditate *  – start with intention for clarity and then go with clear focused intent – go deep, deep inside your own spirit – find a silent place – into the depths of your own still, quiet CENTER.  This is your power point.  From there, emerge and start writing for a few minutes – Journal – write out your dreams for your life for 3 years and for one year from today.  Take the time to do this today.  Time is your most precious resource.

It’s your imagination, your desire, your life – your possibility thinking.   Find a balance. If you meditate and still feel you need more balance – continue doing it again later or tomorrow.  Read something uplifting.  Keep your spirits UP!   Step two – come back tomorrow.  Journal – write – just start.

Know that anything you can dream, you may be able to achieve.  And, it takes commitment of heart and spirit and resources.   This is where coaching saves time and where it creates amazing results for people.  It’s too easy to say  – I want this or I want to do that.  It’s too easy to get distracted or discouraged.  It’s too easy to get tired if you’re on the journey by yourself.   If you want personal help, contact JacQuaeline directly or show up on the next global meditation – see  She leads these currently for free, twice a month.

There’s nothing more powerful then being centered from within.