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Coaching Award from T. Harv Eker in 2004!

Specializing in coaching success oriented business men and women who want to make a difference…. Especially those people in health care and service industries.  Are you interested in making this year exponentially better than last year? Would you like a bit less stress, more time through better focus; more fun with better health! YES!

In addition to Health Care Practitioners, I also coach entrepreneurs, visionaries in business, leaders, managers, artists/actors, info-preneurs of just people needing or wanting a change. When you want to take your career, business, project or life to a new level of success on a financial, health, relationship, creativity and spiritual levels. Balance and achieveing joy, success and great progress takes energy, focus and effort. Coaching support from me is powerful.  I help you create doable baby steps that help you begin to realize your dreams of a more productive, lucrative business with less stress and more time off!  We achieve one baby step at a time.  I motivate you, keep you on track and wildly applaud your successes!

JacQuaeline, 310-390-4825

checkWant to make more money fast?

checkWant to balance out your time?

checkWant to reduce STRESS?

checkDo you need to break out of any old patterns?

BEFORE YOU MAKE A DECISON, please look and listen to the comments from the following three clients. . .

Read what Dr. McCloud has to say…..

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I started business coaching about a year and a half ago. I went through four coaches and it wasn’t until I started with JacQuaeline about four and a half months ago that I really started seeing some results. I have found that my business has increased by about 15% in the last four and a half months. and it is continuing to increase. She gives me excellent ideas and marketing advice and she really holds me accountable which is what I need. So I just want to say Thank you JacQuaeline. -Dr. Nance MacLoud

• Coaching with ‘JacQuaeline’ is life changing!

• Step by step you are guided to new levels of achievement…keeping in mind the need for balance, joy, fulfillment and success!

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hello, my name is Dr. Kelly Martin of Boulder Co. In the first month of working with JacQuaeline as my success coach I had several financial breakthroughs. I brought in 18 new patients sold out of my health class and grossed more money than I have in the past two years. JacQuaeline is extremely supportive and driven and I now that she will help me to be my best. Thanks so much.

• JacQuaeline draws out the Successful Entrepreneur and Visionary in you.

• She helps you to overcome fears and limitations that keep us from achievement.

• You will realize more of your true potential!

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During my first year of coaching with JQ I set a goal for a chunck of money and I actually made more than double that. My stress, my anxiety level in all areas of my life have improved. my friends have told me I’m calmer and more focused. Before working with JQ I sort of had a dream of starting my own business. But now it’s really a reality. I’m taking action steps to create my new business and have a new found total confidence that it will be a total success. -Karen Nagumo, lisenced massage practitioner,
DesMoines, WA

I invite you to contact me.  I assess where you are in relation to your goals, visions, mission, purpose… Clarity on this is your first key.  I quickly help you bring clarity to those issues and help you develop a doable step by step approach to balanced living which integrates your personal/professional progress and success.  Be sure to ask me about the special program, “My Best Year Yet”, which you can view through my other site,     It will help you develop crystalize your goals and intentions in a powerful way so that the law of attraction will begin to work in a completely new way.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready to see results – your business growing very quickly.

Live life fully,

“America’s Foremost Intuition Skills Trainer”
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